Strike action is about to begin again in universities across the UK (46 pre-1992 institutions will strike on pension issues, 57 pre-1992 and post 1992 will strike on pay and working conditions) from the 25th of November to the 4th of December 2019. Not all members of the BSA are involved in the strike, in part due to the restrictions created by current legislation on industrial action, but we think it is important to acknowledge the issues that lie behind the latest action.

Across the range of issues behind the strike – pensions, pay, casualisation – there is a need for employers and the USS (who run the pension scheme) to engage proactively to ensure that the UK higher education sector can be a space where vibrant research and teaching can continue to flourish. We hope the relevant parties can come together to find a positive way forward that recognises the vital importance of supporting employees appropriately for their work and their contribution to the vital role higher education provides to the UK.

Those members not involved in the strike action may wish to support it via sharing their views on social media etc and contributing to funds that help those members who are participating. If you wish to contribute you can do so here:

Communication with members during strike period

Whilst the BSA office is not based within a university and is legally restricted in the support it can offer, as a gesture of solidarity BSA communication will be limited to only essential and urgent items for the duration of the strike (for example, abstract decisions for the annual conference). We understand that members on strike may not open correspondence and, in some cases, will be deleting all email communication received during the strike. The BSA office will therefore resend all essential communications after the strike to ensure that members and event delegates do not miss important information.  The office staff will respond should anyone need to get in touch during the strike period. We will be thinking of colleagues on the frontline and affected by the strike.