Which book has really set your MedSoc synapses alight in the last three years? Do you think it’s made a significant contribution to medical sociology? What about sociology of health and illness?

We want your nominations for the annual Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness (FSHI) book prize.

Every year we award authors of books, covering a breadth of medical and sociological issues, prizes and commendations for their original and innovative research.

Opinion-shifting, thought-provoking and barrier-challenging, our previous winners, including 2018’s Amy Chandler for Self-Injury, Medicine and Society: Authentic Bodies, Anna Harris, Susan Kelly and Sally Wyatt for Cybergenetics: Health Genetics and New Media in 2017 and Kelly Ray Knight in 2016 for her insightful examination in addicted.pregnant.poor

Previous nominees have included Lynn Tang for Recovery, Mental Health and Inequality and Gareth M. Thomas for Down’s Syndrome Screening and Reproductive Politics.

We encourage you to put forward those titles you feel deserving of the £1,000 prize money and professional recognition for their contributions to our sociological enlightenment in the field of medicine.

You only have until 10 May 2019 to get your nominations in. At which point, our judges will whittle down the nominees to the shortlist, due to be published at the end of July.

Awarded annually in September to the author or editor of the book judged to have made the most significant contribution, we’ll be announcing the winner at the BSA Medical Sociology Conference dinner on 26 September at the City Chambers, Glasgow.

For more information on the nomination process and criteria for eligibility, please visit the Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness (FSHI) book prize page.