Professor John Scott CBE is building a history of British sociology and aims to build a history of the numerous Departments of Sociology that have made, and continue to comprise a vibrant sociological community. To help build this history Professor Scott needs your help.

In his recent book British Sociology: A History (Palgrave, 2020) he looks at the organisational development of sociology over the last 100 years, tracing the founding departments in the subject that went under a variety of names such as Sociology, Social Studies, Social Science, and, of course, Social Administration.

Using such details found on the internet, in footnotes, prefaces, and acknowledgements, in registers, and from personal information, he has attempted to produce accounts of the various departments and the people and work associated with them. There is a page on his website where he has brought together the various details from his book into an alphabetical listing of departments. The hope is that this will become a permanent record of the changing fortunes of the various departments.

The accounts, however, are still incomplete: some departments are not covered at all, and many are short on detail. It would be a great help if anyone with additional information that can help to fill the various gaps would contact Professor Scott and he would be very happy to incorporate as much as he can.