The BSA and Policy Press are excited to announce the publication of our 5th book in the 21st Century Standpoints series.

Money: Myths, Truths and Alternatives by Mary Mellor publishes today!

What does money mean? Where does it come from and how does it work?

In this highly topical book, Mary Mellor, an expert on money, examines money’s social, political and commercial histories to debunk longstanding myths such as money being in short supply and needing to come from somewhere.

Arguing that money’s immense social value means that its creation and circulation should be a matter of democratic choice, she sets out a new finance system, based on green and feminist concerns, to bring radical change for social good.

The book is available from the Policy Press website for only £11.99.

The Conversation has featured Mary’s research and this book in their Conversation Insights series and the level of engagement with this piece shows that public sociology is alive and well.

If you’d prefer to listen to Professor Mellor talk about her book, the Bristol University Press/Policy Press Transforming Society blog has a fabulous podcast with Mary examining money’s social, political and commercial histories and explaining why we should question our assumptions about money.

Money joins our other series titles What’s Wrong with Work? By Lynne Pettinger, Snobbery by David Morgan, Making sense of Brexit by Victor Seidler and Miseducation by Diane Reay.

Edited by Les Back, Goldsmiths, University of London, Pam Cox, University of Essex, and Nasar Meer, University of Edinburgh, this series brings Accessible, social and political commentary to a wide public audience.  It showcases lively, disruptive, progressive writers – established and emerging – who reach beyond the academy. Cosmopolitan in vision and scope, included works are based on striking ideas and robust evidence, providing a powerful platform for both scholarly and public debate. Bringing pressing public issues to the general reader, scholars and students these books offer standpoints to shape public conversations at this time of social, political, economic and cultural disruption. They move beyond simple critique to propose better ways of understanding, and living in, our world.

For more information, please contact the series editors: Les Back, Pam Cox, and Nasar Meer.