The BSA is delighted to welcome a new Editorial Team for Sociological Research Online for 2020-2022: Kahryn Hughes (University of Leeds), Angharad Beckett (University of Leeds), Anna Tarrant (University of Lincoln), Greg Hollin (University of Leeds), Jason Hughes (University of Leicester), Katy Wright (University of Leeds) and Lucie Middlemiss (University of Leeds).

The new team will prioritise the following five goals for the journal:

  • Accessibility: promoting the journal’s accessibility, not only using Open Access but aiming to widen engagement by providing lay summaries and alternative accessible formats.
  • Innovation: building on SRO’s pioneering past as the first online-only journal, the team will explore options to include enhanced technology, multimedia and creative outputs.
  • Interdisciplinarity: recognising the need for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives on pressing contemporary issues, the team will seek out and make room for interdisciplinary work whilst maintaining SRO’s sociological roots.
  • Responsiveness: the team plans to continue the responsiveness of the journal to emerging issues – this will include commissioning rapid response articles and the development of a current issues section.
  • Inclusivity: the team are keen to increase involvement of academics at different career stages, particularly Early Career academics. They will also seek to further internationalise the journal’s remit and reach.

The BSA would like to thank SRO’s outgoing Editorial Team for their time and hard work they have volunteered to the journal during their term: Steven Roberts (Monash University), Sanna Aaltonen (University of Eastern Finland) and Charlie Walker (University of Southampton). The outgoing team looked after the journal between 2016-2019 and oversaw 4 of its volumes in that period. They also worked hard to increase the journal’s Impact Factor, which rose from 0.519 to 1.181 during their term.