The British Sociological Association is the lead nominating body for Sociology in the Research Excellence Framework process. In 2017 we nominated candidates for the following units of assessment for REF 2021: Sociology (21) • Business and Management (17) • Social Work and Social Policy (20) •Education (23) • Sport and Exercise Sciences, Leisure and Tourism (24) •Theology and Religious Studies (31) • Communication, Cultural and Media Studies (34).

Following analysis of universities’ submission intentions, there is a call for further nominations for membership of the REF Sociology sub-panel.  See: New nominations will be considered alongside those received in 2017 i.e. individuals that were nominated in 2017 do not need to be re-nominated.

Sociology (21) panel role expertise is required as follows: Sub-panel members (practising researcher) • Science and technology studies (STS) including environmental issues • Criminology (including one shared member with UOAs 18 and 20) • Health Sub-panel members (research user) • Experience of using research in the areas within UOA 21’s remit.

The sub-panel particularly welcomes nominations from under-represented groups, including by protected characteristics, types of higher education institution, and region.

The further expertise requirements of all sub-panels can be found at:

How to Apply

Nominations can only be sent via official nominating bodies i.e. individuals cannot go direct to REF. If your expertise matches that which is being sought by any of the sub-panels and you can provide evidence of relevant experience e.g. conducting leading research in the field, experience of research management or commissioning, experience of peer review or of evaluating the impact of research, please email the information below to: by no later than Friday, 27 March.

Given name
Family name
Current role
Contact email address
Brief outline of main fields of research expertise
Short statement of evidence of relevant experience
Name of sub-panel to which you would like to be nominated

To help ensure equality, diversity and inclusion in the REF sub-panels, please answer the following questions:

What is your gender?
Do you self-describe as BAME?
Do you consider yourself to have a disability or health condition?

The Panel Appointments Process

Applications are reviewed by the BSA REF Nominations Panel who are responsible for deciding which are submitted to REF. Additional scrutiny is provided by a representative of the BSA EDI Group. The sub-panel executives and the main panel chairs recommend appointments from the list of nominations to the UK funding bodies.