Dear Colleagues,

Society needs Sociology and your Association needs you.

As the national subject association for Sociology, we are the neutral hub of information for the discipline which is regularly consulted by data gathering, umbrella and nominating bodies.

Government Chief Scientific Advisor, Patrick Vallance, has approached the British Academy to explore the medium- and long-term societal effects and impacts of COVID-19 on society.

The British Academy is drawing together expertise across the breadth of the disciplines under their umbrella to undertake this work which will produce an independent report, delivered early in the new year and made publicly available once completed.

We are offering our help, as a member discipline of the British Academy, because sociologists are especially adept at providing insights on questions of this nature.

From my recent call for your stories on the impact of Covid on Sociology in HE, I know how much pressure many members are under and how limited time is for doing research but I also know you will be thinking about, if not working on, different aspects of the impact of Covid on society.

For example, if Covid-19 has accelerated movement towards greater automation, we might think about the possible long-term impacts of automation on society.

I want to create a list of areas where sociologists could foresee Covid-19 having medium- and long-term impacts on society which could form the basis of our contribution, sociology’s contribution to the British Academy report.

*Using your scholarly knowledge of sociology, your sociological imagination, can you suggest likely areas of medium- and long-term societal effects and impacts of Covid-19 on society?*

Your contributions will help raise awareness of the importance of sociological insight, take advantage of an opportunity to influence policy and could create new funding opportunities.

*Please email me at:, by 20 November 2020*

Once again, thank you in advance for your help!

Judith Mudd
BSA Chief Executive