This year a new Editorial team took the helm at BSA journal Sociological Research Online and they set out their thoughts in their new editorial, ‘Sociological Research in the Digital Age: Where Have We Come From; Where Are We Going?

Meet the Editors:

  • Tim Butcher, University of Tasmania, Editor-in-Chief
  • Edmund Coleman-Fountain, University of York, Editor (continuing term from 2022)
  • Rachela Colosi, University of Lincoln, Editor
  • Sam Hillyard, University of Lincoln, Editor
  • Christian Karner, University of Lincoln, Editor
  • James Pattison, University of Lincoln, Editor
  • Laura Way, University of Lincoln, Editor
  • Anna Tarrant, University of Lincoln, Editor (continuing term from 2020)

The Editorial Team had the following to say:

Within the 30 years the journal has been publishing, SRO has become firmly established as a flagship sociology journal and developed into a distinctive platform for theoretically, empirically and methodologically innovative sociological scholarship that engages with contemporary issues and marginalised areas of sociological research. The journal provides a much-needed forum in which the sociological analysis of both public and private issues can take place.

We thank the previous editors who have stepped down, Kahryn Hughes, Greg Hollin, Jason Hughes, Lucie Middlemiss, Katharine Venter and Katy Wright for handing over SRO in great shape with innovations the new team will continue to build on. Many of the team have had a previous association with SRO, whether as authors, reviewers, or Editorial Board members, giving us a strong sense of the community and journal’s vision for the future. We hope to foster new dynamics of research collaboration and to provide a home for research that is based on collaborative, participatory and co-produced methods, as well creative methods.

Since its inception, Sociological Research Online has been at the cutting edge of the discipline: at first, in terms of its technologies of production and publication; in due course, also due to its thematic breadth and the genres of sociological writing the journal supports. It is therefore a true privilege to be part of SRO’s editorial team at a time when sociologists around the world are facing our era’s multiple and deepening crises. SRO’s spirit of innovation is thus needed more than ever.

We welcome submissions of a variety of manuscript types. To learn more on article types and how to submit to SRO, please visit our website and author guidelines.

Sociological Research Online is an international, peer-reviewed journal published in English that promotes rapid communication among sociologists without limitation of topic or approach. It publishes high quality applied sociology, focusing on theoretical, empirical and methodological discussions that engage with current political, cultural and intellectual topics and debates. Articles published by Sociological Research Online are concerned with the application of sociological forms of analysis to a wide range of public issues and private concerns, thereby demonstrating the wide social relevance of sociological research and theory to understanding contemporary social issues.

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