The BSA’s annual conferences are known for their positive, collegiate atmosphere, and last month’s event in Glasgow was no exception, with some delegates saying it was best they had attended. Our trustees came away with a sense that sociology in this country is thriving and forward-looking. Here are some of their comments:

“This is a really important conference for sociology. It brings together people from right across the discipline in Britain, and also a very large number of participants from outside of the UK, from Australia, from Algeria, the USA, Turkey and Pakistan, to talk about the major sociological issues facing us all.”
– Professor Susan Halford, BSA President.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the plenaries at this year’s conference. Although very different, each one spoke to key sociological issues of our times. In the current political climate, not just in the UK, but internationally, it is so important to have sociological perspectives and insights based on rigorous research and systematic analysis. Real food for thought.”
– Professor Louise Ryan, Vice Chair of the BSA.

“What struck me about the 2019 conference was the many connections across plenaries, streams and individual papers. There was a real sense of engaged sociological work looking directly at the many contemporary challenges around us.”
– Professor Janice McLaughlin, Membership Trustee.

“I think the conference is important for sociologists – it’s a really good opportunity to get together and exchange ideas, to look at potential collaborations with people and to hear some of theories being used by colleagues. It’s particularly good for early career researchers – they can meet some of the bigger names in the discipline, the people whose books they have read, it’s really important for that.”
– Dr Richard Waller, Publications Trustee.

We hope that all attendees had the same positive feeling about the event. See you all next year, at Aston University, 21-23 April.