This month we have five copies of What’s wrong with work? by Lynne Pettinger ready to giveaway.

Why does work matter? As changes occur in how work is organised across the globe, What’s wrong with work shows that how workers are treated has wide implications beyond the lives of workers themselves.

Recognising gender, race, class and global differences, the book looks at three kinds of increasingly important work – green work, IT work and the ‘gig’ economy – within the context of the neoliberal society, the promises of technologisation and anticipated environmental catastrophe. It considers the ways formal work is often dependent on informal work, especially domestic work and care work.

Accessible and engaging, it concludes by considering political and ethical questions in what might make work better, arguing that there is a collective responsibility to address bad work.

If you are interested in receiving one of these free copies, please email BSA Membership by Tuesday, 14 May 2019 with your name and postal address and we will pick five winners at random. Please note that you must be a BSA member to enter this book draw. If you aren’t a member and would like to find out how to become one and see what other benefits are available to you, please visit the Membership section on the BSA website.

Thank you to everyone that entered our last book giveaway for Making Sense of Brexit by Victor Seidler. We had a great amount of interest in the book and are pleased to announce that the five winners were Hannah Fletcher, Rose Lindsey, Lisa Jack, Erika Kispeter and Bharat Daxini. Congratulations to you all.