This year the judging panel has decided to confer two Distinguished Service to British Sociology Awards.


  • Professor Ken Plummer
    One of the awards is being posthumously conferred to Ken Plummer in recognition of his very significant contribution to Sociology in the UK. This is, of course, a bittersweet award that we would much rather Ken could have received himself. However, we feel very strongly that the award should be made regardless and therefore posthumously.
  • Professor Jennie Popay
    On receiving the award, Professor Popay said, “I am thrilled to receive this award from the BSA. It is a great honour for my work as a sociologist to be recognised by my colleagues in this way.  In seeking to contribute evidence for action to reduce the inequalities that scar contemporary societies I have operated at the boundaries between disciplines – but sociology and fellow sociologists are my anchor. They provide the foundation that continues to enhance the relevance and utility of my work and feeds me as an academic and advocate for social justice.  The BSA has been the mainstay of the discipline supporting practising sociologists in many fields to enhance the relevance and utility of their work.  Through the association, and the networks it supports, I have been privileged to work with such a rich diversity of inspiring people – it’s been a whizz!”

The Distinguished Service to British Sociology Award panel is delighted to present this prestigious award to both Ken (posthumously) and Jennie.