The next phase in the BSA’s work on race and ethnicity will start in November and we are delighted to welcome the new project team: Barbara Adewumi, Triona Fitton and Alexander Hensby at the University of Kent.

The project follows on from the 2020 BSA report on race and ethnicity in British Sociology.  The team will start work in November and we expect the resources and guides to be available in the second half of 2022.

The project will gather and collate relevant, high quality teaching and recruitment resources and create associated best practice guides.  These will be published or sign-posted on the BSA website which will support positive change in the teaching of race and ethnicity in British Sociology and the progression of BME scholars up the academic career ladder.

The team will not only focus their efforts within academia but they will also gather examples from outside academia to highlight the best resources available.  Ultimately, it is hoped the results of the project will provide people with a much needed place to start.

We look forward to working with Barbara, Triona and Alexander and welcome them to the project.